Future Says He’s Bigger Than Jay-Z in The Streets

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The Atlanta resident rapper could be this up against Hov. He latest version of boast is not but bigger than Jay-Z. Maybe no financially, although Hndrxx referred his bigger than Jay-Z when it comes to street. Future.

“In the streets I’m bigger than jigga,” he tweeted. “Ima run me a B up easy,” as he rate himself on twitter post he shared lately. Fans from different walk of life are couldn’t imagine what Future was trying to clear. But the fact is that there are so many mix-reactions calling the rapper out over what he said about Beyonce’s husband.

Future is reminding us his beef with Jay-Z who once fired shot at him on 4:44. Album. His recent twitter post isn’t only about Jay-Z but also bragged about himself for been able to about bringing out Kanye West during his Rolling Loud California set last weekend. “I’m the only can get YE to pull up whenever wherever..tuh.”

4:44 also some hit song which include The Story of O.J where Jaz-Z took aim on rapper pose with stacks of money next to their ears.

“You’re on the Gram holding money to your ear, there’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here”, he is heard to say.

In 2017, there was a report about Future fully responding to Jay-Z. “I wanna shoot a shout-out to Jay-Z: just dropped another motherfucking hot album, ‘4:44’. But you know what? I don’t got Tidal, so a n***a had to bootleg it to me. I’m on iTunes and shit cuz, I don’t understand that shit – y’all gotta explain that to me.”

It’s clear that both rapper haven’t had smooth relationship since there beef began. Meanwhile, Future claiming he is bigger than Jay-Z is more of reflection on the beef.

Future and Jay-Z also appeared on Amahiphop 2021 top compilations. Both Future’s 2021 songs compilation and Jay-Z’s 2021 songs compilation were all updated recently.

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