DDG and Halle Bailey

Baby Halo’s first word_ DDG and Halle Bailey freak out.

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DDG and Halle Bailey, who have shared their responses to their son Halo pronouncing his first words, are the definition of pleased parents.

The couple, who welcomed their first child late last year, shared a touching video of their contact with their little child on social media, showing them encouraging him to say his first words.

Halo can be heard repeatedly saying “Dada,” the rapper and online celebrity who was born in Michigan, while she coos and kicks with pleasure. Halo tries a few times before finally echoing his father and saying, “Dada.”

After that, DDG and Halle erupted in unison in celebration of their son’s noteworthy achievement.

“FIRST WORDS FROM MY SON!! HE YELLED, DADA! [Sad face, red heart emoji],” DDG wrote as a caption for the video. “OMG [emoji of a crying face] KEEP WATCHING TO THE END.”


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The movie is a compilation of the new parents’ sweet social media posts featuring their son, including a heartfelt exchange that showed their happiness and love for each other.

Earlier this month, DDG celebrated his partner on his livestream by giving her lovely titles like “Best Woman” and “Best Catsitter.”

Then, to offer the grand prize, he proudly held out baby Halo.

The Die 4 Respect rapper addressed Halle in his cutest baby voice, saying, “I want to offer this prize for the best one ever. The one and only Halle Bailey is the recipient of this honor! For the honor of finest mother!