Fans are convinced Beyoncé is pregnant

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The Bey hive got the internet buzzing again after the 37 yrs old,Beyoncé posted couple of photos on Instagram. Her fans claims she is pregnant for her fourth child.

Beyoncé has three kids Blue ivy,Rumi and Sir. She is currently on summer holidays with her family in Hamptons.

The “brown skin girl” singer posted photos of her covering her stomach and this made fans suspect she has a baby bump.. “Anyone else see a bump or is it only me?,” one of her fans wrote.

“Patterns like that camouflage very well. She’s looks very pregnant,” another followed, One fan asked, “IS SHE HIDING A BABY BUMP?????”

We are still waiting for Beyoncé to address the issue as fans give hints about her being pregnant. 

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“She definitely pregnant you can see it in her face AND them ankles!! Child!!! I’m so ready for y’all world domination!! Have like 10 Carter babies!!”one of her fans wrote

“We’ve been saying muva is pregnant.. she’s been dropping clues the entire album,Purple is royalty… simba (King) (son) .. the lions curled up like a fetus. There’s so much more but remember we said it!”Said another fan.

Beyoncé dropped her album “the gift” last month and she shared the cover few days ago.

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