Drake staying alive

Drake is Thankful to DJ Khaled’s Staying Alive

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Not only DJ Khaled is celebrating Staying Alive being at No. 5 on Billboard Hot 100. But Drake also has to celebrate more for this record has given him another significant history in his career. Drake Staying Alive, although it wasn’t a Drake song but got featured on Khaled God Did album.

So, what is thankful all about? Well, as for Drake the song has made him break the Beatles’ Hot 100 Record on Billboard.

But how did it happen? Sure Beatles were previously the most held Top 5 single on Billboard Hot 100. They have held about 29 songs on Billboard’s Top 5 singles chart. But until Drake stepped in with his collaboration with DJ Khaled.

Drake Staying Alive is now available on Billboard’s top 5 singles and has been marked as Drake’s 30th Top 5 single on the chart while Beatles follows. This is a good milestone and also a new milestone for Drake who has continued to break more notable history.

For more credit, Drake is thankful to DJ Khaled for letting him in on his God Did album. Staying Alive also featured both Lil Baby. The song has been updated on Drake’s 2022 featured songs compilation and also on Lil Baby’s 2022 featured songs compilation.

Below you can also check out Drake as he celebrates breaking the Beatles’ Hot 100 record with a big roulette win and a request to bitcoin. He posted it on his Instagram account.