Drake and Future “What A Time To Be Alive” Joint Album 2020

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Drake and Future "What A Time To Be Alive" Joint Album 2020

Future took everyone by suprise and preview new song featuring Drake and it trends on Instagram following his What A Time To Be Alive. This joint album has stand for a long time yet haven’t been made available on streaming platforms.

Earlier this year, it was swirled and many believed the album will definitely hit Spotify and Apple Music since there’s a leak of song titled Big Mood which even escalate the awaiting of their records. Big Mood during Drake 2019 tour, that’s when it comes to that notice to fans that OVO and the Atlanta rapper are into inner workings of this over waited joint.

Since then Everything about the album then iced yet Future recently took his Instagram and preview new song feature and it’s all accepted as part of What A Time To Be Alive. You can hear it below.

This album could be released in 2020 although Drake will be busy in 2020 for his new album. Maybe be let’s expect What A Time To Be Alive by ending of next year.

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