The Game Quitting Rap is Uncertain and Shares New Song “Pull Up” – Listen

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The Game Quitting Rap is Uncertain and Shares New Song "Pull Up" - Listen

By now majority of Game’s fanbase are so desperate to even continue hearing the rapper’s voice. The Game has been creating this awareness about his retirement on rap just after Born 2 Rap album which was released last month.

Is so twisting of course confusing and probably nobody knows his appeal or his stragedy since his Born To 2 Rap album came to light. Sure that’s the last album we over heard the Compton said in an interview but new standalone single has been shared online after the wake of his B 2 Rap 2019 album.

Again, just during previous Interview, the West Side legend rapper swipe fans with his recent condition with 50 Cent and also let it know they would have being billionaires if beef wasn’t in existence in between them. He also noted Timeless Unreleased songs with 50 Cent.

With all this signs are still wondering if he truly quitting. He released new song called Pull Up which has been updated on Amahiphop December song list. Game quitting rap could be so early to most minds but he wants this decision which Amahiphop is not even sure.

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