Drake and Chris Brown Possible Joint Album Confirmed ?

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Anytime we hear Chris Brown and Drake many mostly think about their notable beef, No Guidance song then if they’re simply putting out different stuffs from studio. Both Breezy and Drizzy works on solo album but imagine streaming a joint project with Drake and Chris Brown just like Chris Brown and Young Thing project Slime B.

Thanks beef isn’t in-between them any longer and if speculation kept swirling, hinting first time joint or another new song, then it’s rare to disregard the rumours since both signed peace also grasp the depths of their talents in making songs together.

Who else don’t want to earshot hit coming across those two platforms of talent and while folks keep waiting for new studio body work either Drake or Chris Brown, the Heat singer appeared to be more convincing during his moment with Fat Joe.

Fat Joe’s series which is called The Fat Joe Show recently featured Chris Brown and that was all thoughtful gesture and entertaining. But one thing inspiring about the show is that Chris Brown repeatedly mentioned he got couple of songs with his one time collaborator, Drake just after Joe asked him some question Drake.

Fat Joe asked if there would ever be a Drake and Chris Brown collaborative project like we see happening with many other artists this year. “Yeah, I think…” Chris began, but before he could finish his thought, Fat Joe interrupted and wanted the singer to clarify that his “yeah” was a confirmation. Brown couldn’t help but laugh at the rapper’s enthusiasm. “We got some songs, we got some songs,” said Brown. The singer was coy when giving his answer and neither confirmed nor denied that a collaborative project was in the works. Watch below.

The news of a possible joint album between Drizzy and Breezy stunned Fat Joe who was at a loss for words. “We got some songs,” Chris kept repeating. “We got some heat.” The Bronx emcee let Brown know “that sh*t gon’ kill everything.” Watch the full interview between Fat Joe and Chris Brown below and let us know if a Drake x CB collab is something that the world needs.

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