Doja Cat: Who Else Admits Nicki Minaj Uses Singles To Mingle Against Rivals

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Doja Cat: Who Else Admits Nicki Minaj Uses Singles To Mingle Against Rivals

Just hold on and don’t be twisted. Doja Cat came through with Say So song and social media gangstars are figuring some jab line. Many were literally confused who that shot meant for and for the fact Nicki Minaj flows delightful on the song, as guest assist who finally get called out over suspicious lyrics.

“What? You talkin’ bout who body fake??? with all them fillers in ya face you just fulla hate. That real a*s ain’t keep ya dude home, now you looking silly, that’s word to SILICONE!” she raps in the outro, Nicki Minaj.

So what’s this single mingling about, sure fans believes Nicki is using Say So to respond to Wendy Williams who add obviously add Nicki Minaj to her blacklist.

More speculations called Nicki Minaj out who have been on relatively low profile. She then took to her Instagram base icing on remark about her line on Doja Cat’s Say So remix. Her post on new Instagram story proves Nicki Minaj saved her shot not really trying to mingle back to show host Wendy Williams who has consistently berated Nicki Minaj over the years, degrading Nicki about her music career, body, and even her marriage to Kenneth Petty.

“The line ain’t about Wendy tho,” as she buried unfiltered claims about her Doja lyrics. Doja Cat’s Nicki Minaj collb one of this singles on Billboard Hot Top 10 and you can check out

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