DMX Insist on Eminem or Jay-Z Instagram Battleground Verzuz

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DMX Insist on Eminem or Jay-Z Instagram Battleground Verzuz

What really went between Nelly and Ludacris could even made DMX to call out Jay Z for another round of Verzuz. You know we are being entertained with Instagram Verzuz from different platforms of rappers going head to head.

A lot of hip-hop bigheaded moguls has been called probably by beef counterpart, just like Ja Rule on desperate to battle with 50 Cent on Instagram Verzuz although got rejected as Fiddy wants it. 

In the case of DMX, well it looks like DM is so anxious on riding on Jay-Z or Eminem, using the recent way of Instagram battle to showcase their related gems of rappings. DMX and Hov had this historical differences, it haven’t gotten to such extent of squeezing off beef rather everything about those parties is on and real as well.

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DMX, of course have seen how Verzuz rocks, look up to Jay for tournament. Also he wants to drag Slim Shady into battlefield but “Eminem doesn’t want it”.

“You can’t go in the basement and play some records?!… That’s what I’m saying. That’s why it should be done. It’s a celebration. We’re celebrating music. He got some hits, too! He can play ‘Money, Cash, Hoes,’ then I can play ‘Money, Cash, Hoes.'” DM said.

This is Jay-Z we are talking about! He doesn’t do that sort of thing! Whereas, Eminem does “want it” according to DMX, Fat Joe feels like…nobody cane beat him! “I don’t think nobody can f### with Eminem.”

Fat Joe sat down with Nori and the guys at drink champs. Obviously they talked about Eminem and DMX taking them on next round. Fat’s sentiment is quiet noted as nobody can takedown Em but DM wants to give trial.

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“DMX got the biggest hits in the world, one of the greatest rappers of all time. Legendary, iconic, superhero. And everything I’m saying is understating, he’s bigger than that. But there’s something about that white boy and his fans—nah bro, you want to see something cracking the internet? That n###a David Koresh, that n###a different!” DMX said.

“Eminem was hot when we came out. His fans from day one are 40, 41 years old. These white people teach their kids that Eminem is the greatest. You go to the airports and 10-year-olds are playing his sh#t,” Joe continued. “When you say generational wealth, they keep teaching their kids that he’s the man to the ultimate science.” He added.

DMX is so real, not denial on battling. However we haven’t heard from both Jay-Z and Eminem over X proposal. What really do you think, remember this not the first Jay-Z called out, some also suggested he takes Dr Dre also

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