DMX Drags Jay-Z For Instagram Live Battle Show ?
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DMX Pulling Jay-Z For Instagram Live Battle Show ?

DMX is up in the air for Jay-Z to accept his battle slot with him. We recalls there have been many who want Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Verzuz series to engage with a specific at least Ja Rule once called out 50 Cent who doged him after realizing and claiming Ja is seeking attention.

Yet again more battle continue to load from different angles. DMX and Jay-Z isn’t new, you know these powerhouse hip-hop vent. are well know not as 50 Cent and The Game but DM and Hov have had this clash of rivary over the past 90’s and DMX wants fans to experience it virtually without put it under theoretically.

DMX made appearance with N.O.R.E on the Drink Champs podcast were they shared classic stores and then switch over to the new develop Instagram way of entertaining, Verzuz series.

DMX was asked to pick a slot, and to our greatest suprise he mentioned Jay and to be sure N.O.R.E confirmed it. 

Cool to have them on the show if only Job is willing to engage on the battle of Verzuz with his opponent. Jay-Z, as a rap star and business do you think it gonna happen, mean DMX appeal to him ?

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