Diddy’s Speech at Dj Khaled 47th Birthday.
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Dj Khaled 47th birthday was full of fun and he has got a lot birthday wishes and gifts from his lovely fans who came from different part of the world to celebrate with him at his birthday party.

A lot of heartfelt massages from friends and colleagues in the industry floods on Dj Khaled 47th birthday, especially Diddy who stood in front of all the guest at the party and gave a very heart warming massage to his friend “Dj Khaled”

During Dj Khaled 47th birthday,Diddy actually reviewed what “We The Best” Mogul means to him and what the both have been through in their music career and how they manage to get to where they are today.

“For real Khaled, I was trying to think about like what I was going to say when I was giving you a toast and I was just like you are one of the best friends a person can have, Your level of loyalty, your level of light, your fearlessness, your positive energy. Then like you so lovable.” he said.

Diddy also took out time to appreciate Dj Khaled for the impacts he has made in his life and in the lives of every colleagues and fans of him, he narrated how Dj Khaled has always been an inspection to him.

Diddy actually explained the meaning of Khaled while making a toast, according to him, “Khaled means Immortal and Stated that for that reason, dj Khaled’s songs will live forever.

Dj Khaled has also appreciated everyone who fame out to celebrate with him on his birthday party especially Diddy who showed the world his love for him with his birthday wishes.