Davido Feat. Latto and Musa Key on “Unavailable (Remix)" Watch

Davido Feat. Latto and Musa Key on “Unavailable (Remix)” Watch

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Davido a few days ago teased the good news on his Instagram about the incoming remix of his hit Unavailable on Timeless.

Today, 19th of 2023 Aswehiphop shared the remix of the song featuring Latto and Musa Key just after the Nigerian talent confirmed the remix of Unavailable.

Originally, nothing was changed from Davido’s lyrics. You still can hear him sings “Dem No Dee See Me” while Latto and Musa Key had to deploy they favourite lyrics.

“Unavailable, unapproachable, out of reach / I got ninety-nine problems and it’s never me,” raps Big Latto.

I have dragged that wagon like a fucking chick / You took care of a thing for me, but accountability.”

Davido’s Unavailable Remix will bring his Timeless album back to high recognition following his link-up with Latto and Musa Key. Listen to “Unavailable Remix” below.