Cordae Two Tens Ft. Anderson .Paak Watch

Cordae Two Tens Ft. Anderson .Paak Watch

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What a good start with Cordae and Anderson.Paak. After they announced a new song, Two Ten, produced by J. Cole, today the song is officially out. Cordae and Anderson.Paak Two Tens Song is another song we have seen them join forces together.

Their previous collaboration appeared on Cordae The Lost Boy album via RNP as the song title. It’s 2023 and we all are here as well to listen and watch the Anderson.Paak and J. Cole assisted song which come with its video.

As said, this song is produced by J. Cole with one other person Dem Jointz. Watching the video below, then you will here then (Cordae and Anderson.Paak) referencing their admiration for a particular lady.

“Man, love this bitch / We gon’ travel and fill up the bucket list / Have about ten kids on the ranch on some southern shit,” raps Cordae, while .Paak follows suite with “Slave to the pussy since you discovered it / Ten bands on Chanel purse, that’s bad budgeting.”

You can watch is Two Tens music video below. But remember that Cordae is simply readying a new album which he will soon announce later this year. But before that, The Lost Boy rapper will also welcome his first baby with his girlfriend Naomi Osaka.

Just watch the video and let us know what you think. Two Tens music video is the first Song featuring Anderson while J. Cole 2022 songs and features have already begun.

In a cool music video from Cordae, Anderson.Paak and J. Cole. Cordae has also confirmed that he has more music with Anderson.Paak and they are all produced by J. Cole. This means the rapper has more music on the way. Check out what he told Zane Lowe during his interview.

“You know what’s funny, we literally got a mix tape full of joints with me and Paak. Yeah. We literally got a mix tape full of joints of me and Paak on. Well we got an EP full of joints with me, Paak, and Cole Beats,” he said.

“I don’t really have too many friends, to be honest. He’s one of my real life genuine friends. You know what I’m saying? And so I say that to say, that’s where it comes from, bro. Just because we just be kicking it, and we just be recording. Kicking it and recording. It won’t be like, yo, let’s just put this out next week. It’ll be like, yo, this song is a couple years old. You know what I’m saying? So I just always, I’m like man, I’m going to just hold on to this. And when the time, it feels right, it feels right. You know?”

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