Twitter ban n word

Chuck D Asks Elon Musk and Zucker to Ban N-word

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Chuck D is at its again but this time he is rooting to make sure the N-WORD is getting negative justice on Elon and Zuckerberg’s platforms respectively.

Elon Musk is now own of Twitter and now drives around the platform. Chuck D is so much happy about that but needs a special favour from Elon.

According to what Chuck asked for, he said Twitter should avoid N-word. Like, let Elon Musk completely ban the N**ger word on Twitter. N-word is an ethnic slur used against black people.

BBC has also reported on the use of the N-word which is hurtful and can cause problems. The term can be traced back to slavery and to many, it’s one of the most offensive words out there.

Well, the N-word has been here for a long but Chuck has so many reasons and wants Twitter and Facebook to work towards banning it. His post on Twitter is asking billionaire Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg to ban N-word.

“Yo @elonmusk the next thing twitter should do is ban the N Word the N**ga & ni**er by anyone that uses it here . Then we know things are pointing in a equalized direction. Then you can convince Zuck to do the same at IG FB get it outta here suspend em. It’s as bad as that symbol” Chuck D posted on Twitter.

Chuck D, looks like he is one of the artists who don’t support Kanye West and having observed Kanye West’s Twitter account suspended by Elon, D went on for more screening of bad words on Twitter. However, the billionaire tech man hasn’t responded to Chuck D.

But Check D can’t be set free like that for saying N-word should be banned probably from all social media communities. Some fans whose keyboards are addicted to the N-word attacked him for such a suggestion.

This also remains us of artists who don’t use the N-word. Kendrick Lamar once stopped a fan from using the N-word during his stage performance. Below you can watch how it all happened. Kendrick Lamar was never a fan of that word even till now.

Vice Staples and Morgan Wallen are also supporting Chuck D to kill the N-word. What do you think, do you use the word in question in your sayings? Though the word, to some people, means funny. Using it as an expression. However, it’s never the origin, it remains bad and hurtful.