Chris Brown Shares New Song “Summer Too Hot” Listen

Chris Brown Shares New Song “Summer Too Hot” Listen

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While the Summer solstice has been explained as the longest day of the year for most of the world’s population, that was kind of an interesting one but apart from that, June, July and August which are months assigned to summer have got us Chris Brown with a brand new single titled “Summer Too Hot.”

Well, this month is coming to an end though we still can listen to Chris Brown’s new songs even expect more after the summer seasons. Sure, has always been proactive yearly. Summer Too Hot by Chris Brown is nothing like a laydown of how this month has been so far.

Having said all that, Chris Brown’s Summer Too Hot was released on the 22nd of June 2023 serving as the first Chris Brown 2023 song. He hasn’t released any song since this year but has finally dropped this particular one for the summer season. Also, Chris has made multiple appearances on two songs that dropped this year.

They include a feature from Chloe on the song titled “How Does It Feel” which also came with its official music video. The other song was “Distant Lover” by Yung Bleu’s new album Love Scars 2. As you can see, Breezy at least has contributed to features but has to drop a song of his own.

Summer Too Hot is a nice song as the singer blended it with his voice. “Summer too hot not to f*ck it up / Is the mood right? Is it wet enough? / I gotta move right, guess I levelеd up,” he sings on the chorus.

You can check out the song below and let us know what you think about it. Aswehiphop has also begun Chris Brown’s 2023 songs and features. It’s a compilation that will allow you to know and access all of Chris Brown’s 2023 songs. We advice you check it out.