Yung Bleu TANTRA Album, tracklist, cover and features

Yung Bleu’s ‘Love Scars 2’ Album Feat. Chris Brown & Tink and more

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Yung Bleu Love Scars 2 is here and the rapper dropped this album to surprise his fans. Last year. He made sure who tapped on Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne on the album TANTRA which you can also check out. It was a project that featured just a few rappers and here is 2023 Yung Bleu’s new album is now available for streaming.

Yung Bleu Love Scars 2 album features about 15 songs. He brought in Chris Brown on the album using the track Distance Lover, he also joined forces with Tink using the track Stingy, the last song on the album.

According to Yung Bleu, it’s his dream to work with Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign and more just like he did last year with Lil Wayne and other rappers. He already he will drop a new album this year but it will only be a sequel to his 2020 project which Love Scars: The 5 Stages Of Emotions . Below you can stream the album.

In other news, Chris Brown is currently having his third collaboration since this year. Distance Love, Nasty, How Does It Feels and the song he has assisted so far. Just from January to this April. Meanwhile, Aswehiphop will soon begin Chris Brown’s 2023 songs and features this month. As for now stream Yung Bleu Love Scars album.

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