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Regarding a recent narrative she shared about an exciting interaction she had with the Los Angeles Police Department LAPD, Cardi B team has issued a statement stating that it was, in fact, a fabrication.

The Bronx rapper’s management submitted a statement to Billboard on Wednesday, March 27, saying, “This IG live was taken out of context and there is no truth to this story.” I apologize if I was unclear.

The LAPD had earlier noted that there is no proof that the incident ever happened, so TMZ conducted some research before the statement was released.

The rapper from New York City stated on Instagram Live earlier this week that she was falsely accused of drug sales by law enforcement officials who were unaware of her identity.

She remarked, “They had every helicopter in Los Angeles.” Hey, I was really nervous. I was outside for approximately three hours. I was becoming butt naked outside thanks to them. It was absurd. You already know that the movie was badass, whatever that means.

The LAPD is going to get sued by me. I introduced myself to them as Cardi B. Do I appear as though I need to sell something? Why would I act in such way? I would never act in such a manner.

“They didn’t believe me,” she said. The white police officers didn’t know who I was. They were quite harsh with me regarding everything. They said they received a clue from someone. I felt like they were actually trying to ruin my life, like it was one of my opportunities and shit. You all are utterly ignorant. I’ve recently been through a lot.