Cardi B Said ‘Tiger Wood’ Album Debuts In 2020

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Tiger Wood Cardi B

Cardi B is plotting another controversial album. But this time she called it Tiger Wood and has been scheduled to hit on Spotify in 2020. Following her over alarmed Invasion Of Privacy, B just figured the best year to deliver any of her future project.

Never compared Tiger Wood with R9. T Wood to sneak into 2020 while R9 left bunch of sights waiting for the ninth studio to loose grip. Both divas are currently working on new project and both had this long-year, focusing mainly on Fashion business.

Cardi B took to her Million followers on Instagram and talked about installing new music, of course shifting her focus back to her music front after little break. She knows how to handle social media trends, meanwhile Cardi B while online on Instagram, showing were she is eating and so dressed topless in a couple of live streams and also implored her diverse fanbase with stories.

Cardi didn’t mistakenly mentioned that she’s dropping new album this 2019 but let it known future project is hopefully coming to light probably in 2020. Cardi B is focussing on side ventures and she’s scrapping out rumours suggesting she’s dropping new album this year. As she continue to low down from the live streaming, she then revealed about her 2020 project which she called Tiger Wood.

“I don’t know if I’m even going to drop music this year anymore, because everything that I’m working on right now is going straight to my album, and I think I’m going to name my album Tiger Woods. I’m going to name my album Tiger Woods, because remember when everybody was talking sh*t on Tiger Woods and then he f*cking came and won that green jacket? That’s what I’m going to name my album,”

Cardi B turned herself guest appearance on Fat Joe’s Yes which surfaced last month yet did another collaboration with French Montana writing On The Wall which will feature MONTANA trackslist. Cardi also released standalone song known as Press. The press single and its video was shot same this year.

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