Cardi B AI Voice Version

Cardi B Reacts to an AI Version on her Voice on Video Promoting Clip.

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The female rapper “Cardi B” has made her displeasure known as she found her voice on a video promoting clip which was done with the use of AI Version.

The female rapper has threatened to sue everyone that is behind that act following the fact that they did it without her concent, and got a totally free promotion  by using an AI Version  of her Voice on the promotional video clip.

Cardi B  make a Twitter/X  post on Wednesday (November 22), where she talked about how unpleasant  it feels to see such a thing without  knowing  about it, she also shared the clip that features a dub of her fake voice over a real video of her.

“Yo it’s ya girl Cardi and I’ma show you how to put $16,000 in your pocket right now for free!, So pay attention! The state’s handing out these stacks to every single one of y’all. You don’t even need a job! It’s all part of a stimulus-style program to help Americans get back on their feet. They’re sending out these health spending cards re-loaded with that green every single month!” In her retweet,  she wrote on her post after which she added that its just an opportunity for her.

“AI is crazy smh….another lawsuit that fell right on my lap…I love easy money.” Although, she has not really had any physical altercations with the people  what ae behind  the video clip that used an AI Version of her Voice for their promotional video, but looking at things, she is really serious about seeing them.

In the other news, Cardi B has been trying  to voice out against the major budget cuts for the Big Apple announced this month by New York City Mayor Eric Adams which might not be favourable to people.