Cardi B Explains Words She Can’t Rap On Next Album

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Cardi B Explains Words She Can't Rap On Next Album

So sorry Cardi B next album is not ready to be release so soon. She obviously acting like R9, like the album definitely going to be dropped at the right time. Since her last album Invasion Of Privacy Cardi B is widely working, maybe that is what all and sundry believes on, those of Bardi fans.

WAP just front her upcoming album with Megan Thee Stallion best integral to the song hitting number one on Billboard. Lyrics of the song once not friendly to specific who criticizes both Cardi B and Megan Thee although Cardi B is cool with her explicit rap lyrics but there is stuffs she can not rap about.

While Cardi B’s 2020 album absolutely not having official releasing date, the Press has had Interview where she shared update about her next album. Having mentioned her album is not ready to drop, but busy working. Cardi B again appeared on new interview but this time with Kyle and Jackie O and she talked words she can not using when rapping or in lyrics.

From what she said, ‘I mean, ugh, “discharge” is kind of gross,’ she explained. ‘A cringy word to me is “moist”. I just hate it. ‘And I hate the word “horchata”. It’s a Mexican drink. It’s really good, but I just hate that word.’ However, Cardi B explained how she feels about those words and won’t use in any of her song even in future.

Metro told Amahiphop that Cardi B WAP song which simply means which stands ‘wet a** p***y’ – is notably been censored for radio under the title ‘Wet and Gushy’, and it seems Cardi is not a big fan of the term ‘gushy’ either. If there is lines in the WAP you don’t like to hear then Cardi B be one of those but was like regretting. ‘I would have had to replace it with “bounce that big old booty”, because that’s the only thing that rhymed,’ she said. ‘It was really hard to clean this song up, because I hate the word gushy.’

Cardi B is still relentless for her follow up to her 2018  Invasion. Amahiphop compiled her 2019 songs although we are not hopping to see something like that this year since Cardi have not gotten ton of collaborations so far this year like Nicki Minaj 2020 songs compilation.

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