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Cardi B Dragged out Again Over New Album; She Responds

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Cardi B new album for 2022 is causing a lot of confusion not only among her fans but with backbiteres. Is Cardi B working on new album? The heck remains yes Cardi B had confirmed new album since last year.

If you are a Cardi B fan, you might be wondering why cardi B hasn’t dropped the follow-up to her Invasion Of Privacy. Many are not happy about it despite her 2021 compilation they just new need Cardi B.

Meanwhile, she continues to get different dragged out. Cardi B was first dragged out this year, in May. Her fans accused her of trying to quit music by not dropping any song or album so far this year. But she later respond to what the fan was saying.

“I will never leave music, no, I was talking about (leaving) the internet,” she said in a brief interview. “I would never leave music, that’s my bread and butter. Who gonna stop eating bread and butter?”

While that was the first call-out last month, Cardi B has yet again come out to defend herself. This time around she received critics for trying to reposition old songs in her upcoming.

Sure, Bodak Yellow which was recently praised by Azealia as a top female record. Well, that song isn’t the only hit song Cardi B has shared in the past. Songs like WAP and Up were also Cardi hit songs. She got criticism after she confirmed that she will feature ‘WAP‘ and ‘Up‘ on her second album.

Cardi B

Cardi B said WAP and Up will be featured on her new album during an interview with Centrefold. The idea wasn’t welcomed by one of her fans on Twitter who a message for her. The social media user said that putting old song into new album is not good. He then blamed it on the streaming era.

“streaming era” is to blame for such moves and that “artists just do this to get certifications for their album”.

Cardi spotted the tweet before it was pulled and responded: “Stop trying to act innocent when u know u was trying to pander.

Meanwhile, in response to what the fan said, Cardi B then backfire him with a simple question: “Why haven’t you said nothing about other artists who recently put songs b4 the pandemic on their album or people that have to put other people songs on their shit… imagine my biggest song not being on a [sic] album,” she said.

Cardi continued to defend her decision, writing that ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ contained no “CDs, Merch or bundles” upon its release and that the Twitter user should “wash your tongue correctly b4 you talk about who needs streams in this bitch”.

One fan waded in on the debate: “I don’t see anything wrong with it. The sophomore album was always supposed to be ‘WAP’ and ‘Up’s’ home.

But check out Cardi b’s next response to the above tweet.

“Lmaaaooooooo imagine me not putting my OWN records on my album.”

While Cardi is readying a new album that might see this year’s daylight, at least she has joined a few artists on new songs. Meanwhile, you can listen to Shake It featuring. You can also check No Love remix from SZA featuring Cardi B and Summer Walker.