Burna Boy and j Cole collab

“Burna Boy is 2Pac Reincarnated”_J.Cole

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The American  Rapper J.Cole has praised Burna Boy to be 2pac Reincarnated during his studio session with the afrobeat star.

This was reviewed  by the Nigerian  singer “Burna Boy ” during a live interview at the Rap Radar Podcast.

Burna Boy  was actually  making  some comments  on his new collab with the American  singer J.Cole, according  to the Afrobeat star, he had a very great experience  working  with the rapper.

Burna  and Cole actually  released  a song last month titled  “Thanks” which was featured on Burna Boy’s newest album titled “I Told Them”, “this album  from the Afrobeat star is nothing  but a legendary gem” a fan commented.

Meanwhile, Burna Boy’s being  called a 2pac Reincarnated  was not really  a new thing  for him, according  to him, he has really loved the rapper.

The afrobeat star at the  Rap Radar Podcast narrated his collaboration  journey with the Dreamville rapper, according him, recording with J.Cole  was all magical.

“I don’t really know the dynamics behind how everything happened, but somehow I end up in the studio with J. Cole and a bunch of basketball players – tall as hell,” he said. “And then yeah, before any music, we were just all talking about real stuff, about life and everything really.”

It was really amazing the “Thanks” is the first collaboration  the Afrobeat singer “Burna Boy ” had with the Dreamville rapper, but his performance got the rapper to call him 2pac Reincarnated in Africa.

“Before we start, he just goes, ‘Bruh, this n-gga’s 2Pac.’ And then I look around to see who he’s talking about, and it’s me he’s talking about. Like, ‘Yeah, this n-gga is- it’s like Tupac reincarnated in Africa, and shit. [I was like], ‘Damn, that’s kinda deep. Alright, let’s make some music.”