Boosie Badazz's Family Feud Intensifies

Boosie Badazz’s Family Feud Intensifies

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There’s an ongoing feud in Boosie Badazz‘s family, and this is due to his daughter calling him a “bitch”.

However, things has escalated really fast, as she claims that he threatened her with a black eye and disinheritance. This latest twist in their bitter exchange stems from Boosie’s song titled “Ungrateful,” which was released recently.

The song is embeded with disses aimed at his 13-year-old daughter, Toriana Hatch, and her mother, Rachel Wagner, among others.

Also, in the accompanying music video, Boosie is seen alongside a Mercedes-Benz that he previously gifted to his daughter.

Although, Tori had recieved the car from her father on her birthday, but he eventually took it back just months later.

While the lyrics of the song include derogatory comments about Tori’s mother and explicit details about their family history. Boosie’s daughter shared in an Instagram Live session, as she responded to her father’s actions where she expressed her grievances.

She aired audio clips of a heated argument between her mother and Boosie, in which he allegedly threatened her with violence and being removed from his will.

In response to his daughter’s accusations, Boosie took to Instagram Live to defend himself. He admitted to making threats towards his daughter, citing concerns about her behavior.

Boosie claimed Tori engaged in inappropriate activities at football games and accused her mother of being lenient regarding her actions.

This ongoing conflict in Boosie Badazz’s family follows previous social media exchanges where Tori labeled him a “bitch” and a “sperm donor” after he confiscated her car. The recent exchange reveals deeper fractures within the family dynamic.

Moreover, the situation highlights the complexities and challenges of dealing with family disputes in the public eye.

As both sides air their grievances through social media and public statements, it showcases the potential for misunderstandings. And it also leads to emotional turmoil, and hurt feelings to be magnified in the spotlight.