Blame Not Kendrick Lamar Over French Montana and Young Thug Beef

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Blame Not Kendrick Lamar Over French Montana and Young Thug Beef

Since this year Amahiphop has gotten two cases about K.Dot, thankfully the rapper continue to live under shelter-in-blue coverage. Previously, J Cole manager burnt off Diddy and Kendrick Lamar’s beef swirling yet again there’s unfiltered attention by the side.

Already, French Montana has been up and doing, going on series of differences not only with Fiddy and obviously the coke rapper pulled over Kendrick Lamar lately last month. He claimed he has more hits than Kendrick.

However, something needs to start wronging from elsewhere and Young Thug took it upon himself to sanction him for claiming what he’s not. Been tough, also both French and Thugger have entertained Instagram followers with jabs following their recent Kendrick Lamar’s talk.

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So what’s now in French Montana and Young Thug game ? Well, since they initiated 2020 beef, it’s likely to be something we ought to expect, at least French Montana mostly found fondness going on notable social media attention and he just has Young Thug as lastest bicker.

Somehow in their virtual brawl show, Chris Brown is also catching the smoke after we acknowledged French Montana is using  Slime & B mixtape sales to stay relevant against Young Thug. Slime & B only sold 19K units its first week; quite a shocker for a joint project from two of hip hop & R&B’s biggest acts.

“MY LAST ALBUM FIRST WEEK !! I WASN’t HATING I ACTUALLY LIKE IT. DROP THE ALBUM BARBIE DOLL #yourpops #auntimontana,” trolled French Montana in the caption on Instagram where he also hold the gold plaque he received for his third studio album Montana. The image also showcased the impressive numbers the project did in the first week – “578k” big ones.

Young Thug in his own ways of responding to social altercation, he simply cleared by saying “We put it out on soundcloud for free for about 3 days auntie… we didn’t wanna do the whole label thing, but only because he wanted to put it out on his bday,” he wrote before instructing French to “mind your little biz.”

French Montana and Young Thug ignite beef probably unbeknown to Kendrick Lamar who’s still gathering new lyrics for his future album.

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