Most dominant Rap Label

Billboard Crowned Young Money “The Most Dominant Rap Label”

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Young Money record label has been one of those most influential  record labels in the hip hop industry, and due to their great performances in most of the music chats, they have become the Most dominant Rap Label of all time.

Meanwhile, this is mainly because of the way their songs always top the music  chats for a very long period of time, especially on the billboard chat, so, Hip Hop All Day of the rappers has confirmed that they are currently  the most Dominant Rap Label of all time.

Although, this is not a surprise news to their fans because they have always been supporting  right from day one of their music career and it made them the hip hop legends they have become today.

According  to the Hip Hop All Day of the rappers, weeks, Nicki Minaj has a total number of 1,869 cumulative weeks on the charts, and Lil Wayne has a total of 2,671 cumulative weeks.

As for Drake, he been making a lot of history with his song starting  from the day one of his music career, meanwhile  following  the records, he has the highest among all the Young money gangs with the total number of 5,770 cumulative weeks on the Billboard charts..

So, with this great billboard top chart performances of the Young money artist, they appeared  to be the Most dominant Rap Label of all time.

This is really a great achievement to all the Young money gangs as they have had a total number of 10,310  weeks on the Billboard charts,  which is a history that will take other labels so many years to make in the hip hop industry.

So many artists and record label  boss jn the hip hop industry  had really congratulated them for the great job.