Drake's latest album release

Nicki Minaj Warns Drake Over Delay of ‘For All The Dogs’ Release

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After the Toronto rapper “Drake” tissed  that he has a new album titled “For All The Dogs” dropping  soon which features the young money gangs, fans have have sized to disturb for the release as they can’t  wait to start vibing on the album.

Meanwhile, the Young  money gang fans have taken the disturbance  to Nicki Minaj asthenia are impatiently  waiting  for the “For All The Dogs” album release, but it seems that nicki is already  sick of the disturbance.

So, earlier this week, the female  rapper “Nicki Minaj” took to her instagram page and called out Drake to hurry up and release  the album  so that fans who are impatiently waiting  for it can start have some new vibes.


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“Drake, I’m not gon’ tell you one more time, The Barbz said they need the album. He could be Champagne Papi, he could be main pain Papi, he could be damn shame Papi, I don’t care Papi. I said the Barbz want the muthafuckin’ album!” Nicki said on her Instagram live.

Meanwhile, Drake actually involved Nicki on this fans disturbance for the new “For All The Dogs” album  after the Toronto Canadian rapper  announced that he is cooking up something with the female rapper at his July All a Blur Tour.

While Drake was saying that, he flashed back to their early days in the music industry  with Nicki Minaj,  according  to him, he did his first  ever song together with Nicki minaj

“I’m gonna give away one thing for you tonight, because I got a lot of love for Detroit,” he told the crowd. “So I’m gonna have to tell you that me and Nicki Minaj did our first song together in, like, a really long time.”

Drake futher mentioned that he got a lot of love for her.