Biggie's birthday celebration

New York Biggie’s Birthday Celebration Upgrades with Empire State Lighting, Special MTA Card & More

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The 50th celebration of Biggie’s birthday is almost ready though a couple of days left to remember one of the biggest hip-hop tycoons of all time. Biggie’s birthday celebration is coming on May 21st 2022 and there have been a lot of celebration upgrades from New York City.

Just ahead of the birthday, the Empire State Building, in partnership with Bad Boy / Atlantic / Rhino Records, is going host a ceremony to celebrate the great rapper that will include Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace, his children (CJ and Tyanna Wallace), his dear friend James Lloyd (Lil’ Cease), and Kimberly Denise Jones (Lil Kim). Other close friends, collaborators, and hip-hop luminaries, that were instrumental in Biggie’s huge success and legacy will also be in attendance. It’s going to happen before Notorious biggie’s birthday celebration, just a day before the birthday.

New York City has arranged a big way celebration for Biggie and his 50th birthday day does not only have much support but it features a new way of doing things. On the main day being May 21st, the iconic Empire State Building will change the historic landmark’s lights to red and white, with a crown spinning in its mast that will illuminate Manhattan and pay homage to Biggie’s debut multi-platinum album Ready to Die

Also, New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA will release a special edition MetroCard on May 21 that features The Notorious B.I.G.

The card (what a great collector’s item it’ll be) will be available exclusively at three subway stations near his old neighborhood: Lafayette Avenue, Clinton – Washington Ave., and Atlantic Ave. – Barclays Center.

Then next month on June 10th, Lincoln Center, in partnership with Bad Boy / Atlantic / Rhino Records and the Christopher Wallace Estate, will host an orchestral tribute to The Notorious B.I.G. on June 10. The creative black-tie event will feature music arranged and conducted by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, with appearances by The Originals and several special guests. The event will be free to the public, and as a part of their celebration of Black Music Month, Amazon Music will livestream the event exclusively on their channel on Twitch.

This is a lot of big celebration and if you are nearby there is shouldn’t be a reason for you to miss it.