Beyonce Heated lyrics

Beyonce Changing her Lyrics on ‘Heated’ After Backlash Over Ableist Slur ‘Spaz’

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These days fans and supporters are no longer taking it when their favourite artist goes wrong. Beyonce became the next victim this year for her lyrics on Heated song. Beyonce Heated Lyrics have received over Ableist Slur ‘Spaz.’

Beyonce released her new 2022 album Renaissance which you can stream here. However, fans are looking forward to the album debuting No. 1 on Billboard Hot 200. Probably this week will be a good walk for the album.

On the track ‘Heated’ which is co-written by Drake as updated before the album, Beyoncé sings: “Sp***in’ on that ass, sp** on that ass,” towards the end of the song which came under attack from a section of society. While “Spaz” is used to describe “go crazy” or ‘freaking out,” its origin is “spastic” which is used medically to describe the spasms one experiences from a condition like cerebral palsy. The term is sometimes used in a derogative manner to describe those with disabilities.

Meanwhile, Beyonce is taking responsibility in making some changes on the song. Beyonce Heated lyrics is another song which fans has called out for inappropriate lines. Lizzo in June 14th 2022, she received a backslash on her Grrrls track.

“Hold my bag, bitch, Hold my bag. Do you see this sh*t? I’mma spazz, ” reads Grrrls lyrics. But she later change the lines and her fans were much thankful for action.

Beyonce’s representative confirmed heated Lyrics getting filtered out. It has been noted during the Sky-news that Beyonce didn’t use the lyrics simply to hurt fans