Benny Addresses “Music not for women” Critics.

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The American Rapper Benny The Butcher has taken out time on his social media handle to address the criticisms that has been going on “Music not for women”.

This has been on the mouth of some fans for some Period of time saying that Benny’s music lyrics are not for ladies, this actually got the attention of the rapper and he has come out to address it.

He actually reacted to this jokes after a woman tweeted something that indirectly points at his music, the women said on her tweet, Why take me on a date if you’re in the mood to listen to Benny The Butcher on the way there? Call me when you calm down some.”

So many peoples found it funny but the rapper is not really taking it to be a joke that’s why he has to come out on to say something about it.

He actually presented one of his tracks” “Crown for King” from his 2019 The Plugs I Met project, and then tweeted “So u tryna tell me Crowns For Kings don’t get the ladies in the mood,”

After the rapper said this on his tweet, lots of his die hard fans them came into his comment section and pledge their support with lot of comments that would convince you that Benny’s song is a backbone to lots of successful relationships.

Benny the butcher is really killing it on his music career wether people’s criticize his songs os bringing just for or not, he is always making sure that he drops something real cool for his fans.

And he has promise his fans to give them the best hip hop album of the year just like he always does despite the “Music not for women” Critics