Barack Obama, Jay Z, Fat Joe, Akon Thinks Burna Boy Is African Fela Reborn

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Barack Obama, Jay Z, Fat Joe, Akon Thinks Burna Boy Is African Fela Reborn

Nigeria music industry has grown up, producing talents not only for Africa as a whole but the universe equally get entertained with sounds from Nigeria.

There’s figures, pop and afro prestiges crafted out from the country and Burna Boy  is one of those who put in place their effort to grow the industry, meanwhile there’s need to see great potentials.

Burna Boy has been dropping standout singles straight from career he’s well known to be Fela Kuti reborn. He had shattered blew lately last year were Amahiphop entitled the On The Low singer as heaviest international breakout with his 2019 album.

Burna made skeleton move, gradually got more notoriety in 2019. He took invasion into Obama’s favorites songs of 2019 as result of making good music like late Fela Kuti. 

Not withstanding how his success escalated and sent most adversaries into frenzy, Burna Boy is well recognized in Roc Nation and Jay-Z will always give the best of Burna Boy as he did last year using his end-year-playlist.

African Giant album has driven lot of awards to Burna Boy and Both Akon, Fat Joe have been catching up positive lyrics from Burna Boy who they characterized as the reborn of Fela Kuti. Sharing on Instagram, Akon and Joe incorporated Burna Boy into conversation they had on Instagram.

They tell you how good he is and according to Akon he pointed BB inspires fans with good truth lyrics and that’s why he’s growing. Akon also said, Burna Boy has been doing great job which obviously reflects to Fela’s great did.

Burna is great afrobeat star who grip over Fela’s career despite he was Six years old when Kuti died. Burna Boy is flatly carbon copy of Fela’s career since their tumultuous relationship always traced from Burna Boy’s grandfather whom the Afrobeat pioneer calls hero.

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