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50 Cent Moves to Twitter after a Warning From Instagram

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Social media bots are being enhanced on basis both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are platforms one can chose as favorites yet there’s control over things you mingle across and 50 Cent couldn’t save his worth, he just got warning from Instagram community for bullying and harassing.

Fiddy, at least his trolling, maybe has no limit. He always has something to get off his chase and as a super-troll rapper, 50 always has ways of keeping it going and entertain fans with his own little tricks of bullying.

But he just chocked up from Instagram for posting bikini-clad woman exercising a yoga pose got him into a bit of trouble as it was somehow reported for bullying and harassment. Having received, “Your post goes against our community guidelines,” Cent then revealed to his fan what he has been served by Instagram.

“I don’t understand this, why am i getting this?” the rapper asked irately in his caption. “It says the post is removed for bullying but the post is still on my page. Ok time to take a break from IG.”

According to 50 Cent, his follower count has remained on 25 million for the past year, claiming that he is “shadow-banned,” which is tech-speak for being undiscoverable to new users unless they use the search function.

However, the rapper is taking a break and has decide to join Kanye West favorite social media platform, Twitter. 50 Cent might be taking a break but we guess more of his social business is being moved to Twitter. Let’s be watching though.

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