50 Cent & Eminem took Swipe at Nick Cannon “The Invitation” Feat. Suge Knight
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50 Cent & Eminem took Swipe at Nick Cannon "The Invitation" Feat. Suge Knight

Since Family Ties came to light a lot of ducked out has been happening. Back to back responds between Eminem and Nick Cannon has everyone googling about Eminem’s Nick Cannon Diss song.

Sure Eminem never hopped in studio to record any diss track which could aim at Nick Cannon The Invitation diss song featuring Suge Knight. While the renewed beef of Eminem and Nick Cannon not get early overwhelmed but overemphasized, 50 Cent is even starring more controversy on behalf of closet-kit, no other but Eminem.

50 Cent continue to trend troll at social media foes and also at Eminem social adversaries. However, Fiddy buying Eminem case isn’t quiet new development since we have seen multiple occasions he gave Eminem solid backup at least during Eminem and Lord Jamar he also lashes his guts out.

Now this Month Eminem bought himself notable beef not new but reignite beef and 50 Cent is all stand for him. He took to his social media chember, Twitter then threatens Nick Cannon for fighting and rubbing off on Em. “I don’t understand to save my life why someone would pick a fight with EM.” he said.

“He is a different kinda animal, I haven’t seen a motherf**ker come close to beating him man. Hey Nick that s**t was trash, I oughta kick you in yo a** when I see you PUNK!” You can check out the post on Twitter below:

Lol, 50 Cent is obviously advocating for Eminem. Lately Slim Shady responds to The Invitation is little bit salty. Many sees it as diss sure it is but Eminem might be huddling for more lines. Remember, Nick Cannon told him to bring his wheelchair to rap battle meanwhile we are hopefully expecting more fun…..


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