2 Chainz 2022 songs

2 Chainz 2022 Songs Compilation Set to Start Next Week On Amahiphop

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Another artist we are looking up to is 2 Chainz. Just after adding We Khalifa as one of our top artists on 2022 compilations, the next rapper is Chainz.2 Chainz 2022 songs

Sure, since this year 2 Chainz has been quite busy with studio. Remember that Amahiphop will only begin any artist compilation if he or she has gotten a slew of collaborations.

Meanwhile the Atlanta resident rapper , in early January, he announced his new album as Dope Don’t Sell Itself. However, the album has been released and that was in last February.

You can stream the album Dope Don’t Sell Itself but that’s not the only work he has done since this year. So, his 2022 songs collaborations with be compiled along with new album and anyone coming later this year.

2 Chainz, although this is not the first time the rapper is getting his songs compiled. You also check out his 2020 songs.

The compilation will begin next week, on 28th of March. It will feature all his new 2022 songs and albums and the page will continue to get update with new songs and project.

So far, you can check Lil Wayne’s 2022 songs, Lil Durk’s 2022 songs and Wiz Khalifa’s 2022 songs which begun last week.