yung Miami gets apologies from Kodak black after her shot scene

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The City girls rapper, yung Miami is still getting over Her trauma after she was attacked after recording in the studio. Before the scene, The rapper was Being called out on a diss track by Kodak black who happened be her ex.

Kodak black, who is currently in jail rapped about punching yung Miami on her stomach before the shot incident.

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“I bought Yung Miami a ring, she wanted 808’s baby,When I see her I’ma hit that bitch in her stomach / The way I keep this shit too real / They say I’m fuckin’ up my money.” kodak black rapped

Kodak black has apologized to Yung Miami and husband. The “ZEZE” rapper took twitter to send he apologies “#YungMiami Gimmicks Are For Suckas, As I Sit Back I Realize How Petty That Move Was And As A Man It’s Certain Things We Refrain From,” he tweeted.

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He also apologies to the rappers husband on tweeter and also teasing about hits to come

“@sizzle808MAFIA Ain’t No Smoke Wit You Bra Fuck That Lame Shit I Pray Y’all Have A Healthy Baby And Live A Prosperous Life,” he said, adding, “Besides Bitch We Got More Hits To Make.”

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