Young thug ysl issue

Young Thug Dad Assures Him “I’m gonna fight for him to the end”

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Young Thug is also accused of being the CEO of Young Slime Life YSL. The district attorney of Fulton County is working extremely hard to get all the members of this particular street gang to justice. But Young Thug Dad whose rename is Jeffrey Williams Sr has stepped in about Young Thug YSL issue.

The district attorney also made it clear that more of YSL members has been taken to custody. Both Young Thug is also in custody for making Fulton uncomfortable unsecured environment.

Fani Willis who is the district attorney claimed that YSL is a criminal enterprise, particularly a street gang responsible for offenses committed that violate the RICO act, murder, armed robbery, and participating in criminal street gang activity.

Meanwhile, a lot of fight has been going on, not physical but through attorneys’ way of handling issues. Gunna who is also a suspect need to turn himself in and his attorney is making a positive arrangement about it.

“In this business, I’m certain there will be people who won’t volunteer to come into custody and there’s no concern that somebody will escape arrest,” Fani Willis said as she noted that it might take up to two weeks to get all of the defendants in custody.

As for Young Thug‘s father, Young Thug YSL issue is what he wants to fight right and has given his son 100% assurance to get him out of this alleged mess.

Young Thug’s father, Jeffrey Williams Sr., spoke with Channel 2 about his son’s arrest, saying the younger Williams is not a criminal nor a gang leader, but is a business man and musician.

“I’m gonna fight for him to the end,” Thugger’s father said. “I’m his father. That’s what I do.