Young Thug bond was denied

Watch Full Video of Young Thug Bond Denied In Court Hearing

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Rappers have come out to rescue Young Thug whose real name is Jeffery Williams who was arrested with RICO charges. He has been detained, mainly due to criminal activities tagged by prosecutors. Young Thug bond was denied in his first hearing and here is the full video.

Don Geary, one of the prosecutors and lawyer is striving with proves and points on why Young Thug shouldn’t be released at the moment.

Don Geary alleged that other gang members in the case “have stated uniformly that Mr. Williams is dangerous, they are afraid of him, that if they cross him he will kill them and their family.”

Meanwhile, Judge has ruled that Young Thug Stay back in Jail until his trial only for the safety of the community and those who have testified against him.

Young Thug bond was denied as a matter of unsafe and threat you might inflict once he grant bond. Below you can watch the full video of the court hearing of Young Thug and what the judge had said so far.

YFNL Lucc’s attorney has also given oral context on what the bond denied was all about. According to what he said while being interviewed by TMZ, he said this all about Fu*king racists against the black.

In just simple summary, Williams will stay in jail until his January 2023 trial date because the bond has been denied.