YBN Almighty Jay’s Attackers Contact His Ex Blac Chyna For Chain Buying

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The YBN assailants are developing ideas to get themselves bounty after
their scuffle assault on Almighty Jay. They are rooting to sell out his
chains irrespective of what J.Prince is aiming at, just to make sure the
group members return Jay’s belongs.

Amahiphop reported the
awful incident lately Friday following Jay’s headbutting from his attackers. They taught him some lesson as well made away with his chains
and jewelry. Those locals desperately seeking for chains buyer,
meanwhile they are taking the aim to Blac Chyna who was once Ex-G to YBN
boy. The bad guys has cast the chain online admitting Chayn already got
$20,000 for YBN Almighty Jay’s chain.

“We trying to get it
back to the belonger,” one guy said. “Someway, somehow, Blac Chyna says
she got $20,000 for the chain. I told her ‘You can have this sh–.It’s
not worth no 20.’ She’s like ‘It’s besides the point, I got problems
with him. I’m the one who bought him this chain.’ So honestly speaking,
this chain is going back to Blac Chyna. We already set up the date and
everything. Blac Chyna a good girl.”

However, we are not quite sure if they indeed contacted Chyna but stay tuned for update.

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