Wiz Khalifa Shares New Song ‘No Rush’ – Listen

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Wiz Khalifa Shares New Song 'No Rush' - Listen

Wiz Khalifa haven’t disclosed any album behind all his latest release but i think Wiz Khalifa simply wants to surprise his fans with new album. There is more of Wiz Khalifa’s songs you need to check out. We are still compiling more of 2019 Wiz Khalifa songs maybe you should listen to those of his last week release.

Wiz just shared another song making it 6 tracks on our list. Am hopping if the rapper if the rapper is prepping for a new mix since he added No Rush, after delivering On The Road and some other tracks you need to play from last week release.

No Rush is another some we are currently paly from Wiz Khalifa. Of course it will only get more interesting if you can stream it below. He shared the link via Twitter but didn’t mention any Mixtape, or album behind all his massive debut lately.

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