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What 50 Cent Studied In College

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50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, did not pursue a traditional academic path. Instead, he focused on his music career and became a successful rapper, actor, and entrepreneur.

While there is no record of him attending college or university, he has shared in interviews that he studied the music industry and honed his craft through hard work and determination.

50 Cent, although there are no music schools that have shown that 50 Cent attended any. But the rapper is naturally gifted. Below are other businesses you can see the rapper outside rap.

Here are some of the businesses associated with 50 Cent:

  1. G-Unit Records: 50 Cent founded this record label in 2003, which has released albums by 50 Cent himself, as well as Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Tony Yayo.
  2. SMS Audio: This company produces high-quality headphones and audio accessories. 50 Cent founded SMS Audio in 2011 and served as its CEO until 2014.
  3. Vitamin Water: In 2007, Coca-Cola bought Vitamin Water for $4.1 billion, and 50 Cent reportedly earned $100 million from the deal. He had invested in the company and also helped promote its products.
  4. Effen Vodka: In 2014, 50 Cent became a minority shareholder in Effen Vodka, a premium vodka brand. He has been involved in promoting the brand through social media and other channels.
  5. Frigo: In 2015, 50 Cent became a minority shareholder in Frigo, a luxury underwear and undershirt brand. He has also served as a brand ambassador and helped promote the products.
  6. SK Energy: 50 Cent partnered with SK Energy to launch Street King, an energy drink that donates a portion of its sales to feed children in need around the world.
  7. The 50th Law: In collaboration with Robert Greene, 50 Cent wrote a book called The 50th Law, which outlines strategies for success in business and life.

These are just some of the notable businesses associated with 50 Cent. He has also been involved in real estate development, film production, and other ventures throughout his career.

50 Cent might not be known as a graduate of any university or college just like Lil Wayne who attend United Of Houston. Last year 50 Cent agreed with Kanye West to build a school in Houston.

50 Cent is a traditional rapper who has acquired a lot of fortune using rap and other businesses just as we listed above.