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Westside Gunn Announces Paris Album ‘Pray For Paris’

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Westside Gunn Announces Paris Album 'Pray For Paris'

Westside Gunn is working on new album for Paris and the project is titled Pray For Paris. The album, according to report it’s coming sometime this year and will also feature some popular hip-hop names.

From his definition, his upcoming album will one of the top-level album he’s dropping for his fans and for Paris as well. The rapper encourages followers that Pray For Paris is coming soon. He shared how hip-hop have saved his life, promising he owe much to the Culture.

This album in question is first solo album which he announced following his joint with Madlib collaborative album, slated to drop in 2020. Meanwhile, are we expecting double album from Westside Gunna this year. He made appearance with 2019 Mixtape Hitler Wears Hermes 7 even contributed on Griselda crew’s Shady Records debut WWCD in November. Checking out those most anticipated 2020 albums, Westside Gunn at least is also involved.
“I’m INSPIRED!!!!!” he wrote on Instagram. “And with that being said I’m making my next project in the next 48hrs Hip Hop saves my life I owe so much to the CULTURE ‘Pray for Paris’ coming Soon and this will be high level ART u have no idea wat your about to get #GXFR #FLYGOD #WSGPRAYFORPARIS #ParisFashionWeek #ICON #Rhude @ochinclovis #Culture.” he said.

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