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Watch the New Music Video of Quavo & Takeoff ‘Hotel Lobby’

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For the fact that there is unknow beef between the Migos members, Quavo and Takeoff have indeed taken off without Offset. They have shared their first song with Offset which is called Hotel Lobby.

While there are simply facts showing the Migos members have taken different ways, Quavo and Takeoff still want to continue but this time not as Migos.

Offset and Cardi were reported to take a step off from the two Migos resident rappers. They unfollowed them without much disclosed. Well, Quavo as Takeoff still in good peace and today they have shared Hotel Lobby with Offset.

The song also comes in the video as they released it all along. Also, this song is inspired by the 1998 film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. You can watch Quavo and Takeoff’s new music video below.