Watch New Video Feat. Chris Brown & Drake ‘No Guidance’, Travis Scott ‘Wake Up’, MGK ‘El Diablo’ with Kevin Gates ‘Facts’

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Chris Brown and Drake new videos

Oh Drake and Chris Brown made it, after prolonged reconciliation. Just at a spot this two electrifying musical duo squeezed off their beef, something that even brought the peers into relationship with Rihanna. By now we hope you all got signal that RiRi R9 has nothing to do with Breezy and Drizzy of course we oversaw her reputation on Chris and OVO, but things might flip positively though is under probability if the Man Down singer gearing to hit a collaborative with her first and second dudes? after her prior years was such a aching moment. Chris brown was unable to protect her career ? rather inflecting miserable luxury living to Rihanna and that is what Rihanna’s fans can’t get off their chest.

Well, Chris Brown isn’t the only one whose run-in with Rihanna was one of the widespread beef so far but Drake was also part of Rihanna’s plight. Brown and Drake are once two respective foes to each but things finally worked-out in between the controversial R&B and the God’s Plan singer/rapper. Since this year both has been doing pretty engagement which one of them is Indigo. Chris Brown debuted his Indigo project, a belated follow-up to his ‘Heartbreak on A Full Moon’. Indigo album featured some of our traditional hip-hop giants and Drake wasn’t obsolete following his reconciliation with Chris Brown.

Peeping on his tracklist, Indigo welcomed Drake as guest appearance on a penned song titled No Guidance. They prioritize their bars properly having the single enlist itself on Billboard chart platform. Breezy then got more purpose to render more action on this particular song, and push the single beyond everyone’s expectation. Meanwhile returned with the official video which is currently sparking a lot of debates. The scene was actually a retract shot, putting Drizzy on a hilarious scene while Breezy maintained his skeleton dance move. Chris Brown No Guidance seems replicating features from Jealous video. Cars, ladies and more gave the video a true worth. Let’s take a peek below.

Watch Travis Scott Wake Up Video

Another new video on spotlight is Travis Scott’s Wake Up. Travis has been on relatively low profile since this year but the Astroworld rapper stepped bit forward and unleashed his Wake Up video. The video was directed by Jonah Hill putting the full scene on black and white mode. The track in question sees the guest appearance of The Weeknd who joined force on Travis Scott’s 2018 project. Wake Up video was treated professional, a work from Jonah Hill who directed Vampire Weekend’s “Sunflower”. Watch below.

Travis didn’t release any project this year yet, but he has been dropping videos, featuring his Astroworld 2018. Both Butterfly Effect, Stop Trying To Be God and also released Socko Mode, Can’t Say and Yosemite videos. Travis future project is currently on hold since he has not revealed any album yet. Without no desperation, Scott might give a further proceeding to his music front probably next year.

Watch Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) El Diablo

MGK one of the most prestigious rival with Eminem. Eminem and MGK ducked it out last, render fatal and brutal diss track, popularly known as Rap Devil and Killshot. Both parties were verbally taking aims at each other, though things ignited following Eminem’s Kamikaze project. While their social brawl keep making headlines, MGK has ready debut new album Hotel Diablo, a belated follow-up to his Bling EP. From the latest project, Kelly released few songs and El Diablo serves as one of the songs that appears on his current album.

This year, Hotel Diablo has been on Billboard top chart with some other contemporary albums. MGK has always been that troublesome to Em after their beef struck last year.

Watch new Kevin Gates Video Fact

Another new video to watch is Kevin Hate’s song Fact. After been around the net with his Big Gangsta and  I’m Him” & “Push It video, Gates finally release another song in support he lately songs and videos. He is prepping to introduce his up-next album I’m Him which will definitely surface this year. Watch below.

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