The Game: 50 Cent is A Great Writer Both on “What Up Gangsta”

Watch: 50 Cent and The Game Shares New Videos On Amahiphop April Videos

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Amahiphop April Top Hip-hop Videos ends today. We’re pleased to stay safe at this Pandemic ordeal with and from our Top hip-hop shots from different headquarters of moguls, April is taking the best number of (30 Videos) so far this year unlike our previous 2020 months.

As we hopes see more videos today, 50 Cent and The Game made April list comfortable as regards to those wishing to watch more. 

50 Cent who previously shared his Post Malone assisted Tryna Fu*ck Me Over has lately drop another video, Chife Keef song Hate Bein Sober featuring Wiz Khalifa as well. 

However, if you have been watch all those videos in the list, then is also clear for you to watch The Game’s Welcome Home featuring late Nipsey Hussle. Watch all videos.

The Game 50 Cent had this familiar beef spinning from year to year. Although in 2020 The Game his 50 Cent Beef Getting Aside With “Timeless” Unreleased Songs. Actually many still expects more positive prove of their signed to peace.

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