Wack 100 Use Dr Dre to Denounce Nipsey Hussle a Legend
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Wack 100 Use Dr Dre to Denounce Nipsey Hussle a Legend

Nipsey Hussle has been around praises after his depart from hip-hop. Not really he left the culture but his absence, is currently rubbing off most addicted fans. But love it or loath, Wack 100 vicious inflammatory comments on late rapper keep on accelerating despite series notable aims from Nipsey’s fans towards him.

Report emerge online although not the first time Wack letting it known about his over salty on Hussle. His feelings about The Game’s closet is even something the internet keep seeing not on basis or most often yet Wack has stragedy to lead his vocal towards Ermias Joseph Asghedom.

Snoop Dogg once advocate about Nipsey Hussle. Dogg actually admitted Nip. done what 2pac haven’t. Dose it labeled him the Legend ? Maybe that’s what Wack 100 is proving wrong.

TMZ report about Wack shown how he continue to denounce one of his hip-hop counterparts. Confidently, he said Nipsey Hussle wasn’t a legend after dropping one  album yet diverse acclaims from fans pointed Nipsey Hussle a legend. For example, he used Dr Dre to prove Nipsey being a legend, wrong.

“He wasn’t,” Wack says matter-of-factly. “What’s a legend? Define a legend. Let’s keep it real. If Dr. Dre died right now, we’d say we lost a legend, right? Based upon what? Numbers, right? Body of work, right? How many albums did Nipsey drop? One album, right? This not no personal shit. This is real shit.

“The man died with a million followers. No radio hits. No platinum hits. No world tours. After he died, he went platinum, sold a bunch of records, followers went up nine, 10 million. First of all, we gotta define what a fucking legend is and what it fucking ain’t. Was he on his way? I think within time, yes he would have been. At the time of his demise … let’s keep it real. The truth can’t be defined as disrespect. If it is, that means you lyin’ to you muthafuckin’ self.”


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