Tyga Sued For $1.3M Over Lack Of Car Payments

Tyga Sued For $1.3M Over Lack Of Car Payments

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Tyga is one of these rappers who has amazing sports cars, just like Lil Wayne, who also has a lineup of supercars. Tyga Sued For $1.3M for missed Lamborghini and Bentley payments.

It all began in 2013 when the Nasty rapper was rumored that he would be losing his Lamborghini car. It’s because he has not cleared the full payment of the car.

The Lamborghini Aventador came from Choice Motor and worth over a $350,000. He took it on credit. That year, it was reported that Tyga‘s 2014 Bentley was also seized because of lack of full payments.

It was said that 2014 Tyga Bentley was also sold out to a new customer. Well, the recent report has claimed Tyga has been sued for skipping his 2013 automobile payments.

It’s 2023, yet Tyga has not cleared his bills. Meanwhile, the company has sued him over it. The Fantastic rapper has been ordered to pay the maximum of $1,300,000. The formal price was $481,000. But Choice Motors Credit wants the rapper to both for damages he caused them. Both the interests that stemmed from the 2016 lawsuit, RadarOnline reports, are all included.

Tyga has been having major problems with related automobiles. His 2013 case isn’t settled yet, and he also moved on with another Midway Rent a Car, Inc. The Company also sued him for missing payment of $441k from two other luxury cars. 

Tyga car sued for lack of payments

In 2020 Tyga and Birman battled for $10 million. That wasn’t the only debt battle T-Raww has had in the past. Even before that, T was Showroom Interiors for $27,000 for breach of contract involving missed payments on rented furniture. 

So far this year, Tyga has not released any new songs. The last collaboration he had was with Chris Brown, Nasty. Hopefully, he will also release a new song this year. But as for now, the rapper is putting himself together to clear his debts. Tyga Sued because he has not cleared his debts.