Ay caramba photo vido

Tyga Releases New Single & Video ‘Ay Caramba’: Watch

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We all know that Tyga has not been extremely active since this year. But he never stops delivering what will likely be loved by his fans. Today he shared a new single and video Ay Caramba which you can also watch below.

At Caramba some Spanish lyrics and the rapper roll on with the song, speaking in Spanish. Though not the first song Tyga since this year because we have heard song like “Freaky Deaky” featuring Doja Cate, “Run” from Tyga featuring both Tyga, 21 Savage and Bia, “Sheikh Talk” which he released in May 2022 and “Target” from Shenseea ALPHA which also featured Tyga.

Those songs mentioned album are Tyga songs and featured. He added another song on his 2022 catalog and he called it Ay Caramba. The new song also came with its official video watch through the video you see how colourful and how it was directed.

Another thing you need to know about Tyga’s Ay Caramba song is that it featured some Spanish ways. It has the sample of Santino’s ‘Helikopter Nad Blokiem’ track. In the video, you will also see him, Spicy Rico, in a dance competition among other roles. Tyga closed up last year with “Lift Me Up” music video which you can watch here.