Ty Dolla Sign to Drop Two New Albums In 2020
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Ty Dolla Sign to Drop Two New Albums In 2020

A lot of 2020 albums has been announced not my it name but we have gotten lot promises from our favorite artists.

Both the female divas noted respective about new album slated to hit next year and Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Selena Gomez and suspiciously Nicki Minaj is not leaving but might put out new material by 2020.

While Lil Wayne, Drake and more also working on new solo, Ty Dolla Sign is also readying new album, two new album promised by him.

He took to his Instagram on Saturday night to share his massive Spotify stats for the year, where he amassed a billion streams on the service. With no album out, this is of course very commendable. But the caption of his post is worth taking note of. “Maaaaannnnnn thank y’all !!! I don’t even know what else to say . A billy 2 years in a row . #TeamDolla don’t sleep 🤲🏾❤️🤲🏾 so thankful for all of u . And thank u @spotify for the love,” the talented singer-songwriter said. This was followed by this message to his fans: “I got two albums ready for 2020.”

Seriously no specific date drawn closer following two new projects projected in 2020. Without no desperation, let’s just hope his new album come to light as early January although that’s not a guarantee.


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