Travis Scott Movie Aggro Dr1ft

Travis Scott Movie “Aggro Dr1ft” Set to Hit Strip Club As the Kickoff of Its Viewing Tour

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Travis Scott   was unarguably working on his movie titled “Aggro Dr1ft” for some months now and following some of the informations that we have gathered so far concerning  the project, the movie is set as the rapper has already announced  his viewing tour which will be kicking off in a strip club.

Travis Scott actually collaborated with the legendary filmmaker “Harmony Korine” on this upcoming movie, moreover, many fans have considered this Travis Scott upcoming movie as one of his oddest project since he began his journey in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, this movie viewing tour is reportedly kicking off at Cr*zy Girls in Los Angeles on February 7, meanwhile, the rapper did not actually  release a full venue for the viewing tour, but the only information we have is that the rapper has a plan of making the tour more impressive than any other normal cinema system.

Many people have been really making  some statements about this upcoming movie from Travis Scott, especially Eric Kohn who stated that “The distribution of Aggro Dr1ft goes beyond the limitations of the outdated moviegoing experience, You don’t just watch Aggro Dr1ft. You step into a new world, and these events will allow audiences to immerse themselves in it.” He stated

Moreover, a little description has been made concerning the Travis Scott upcoming movie titled “Aggro Dr1ft”, this movie is actually  about a “hitman in Miami Beach on a mission”, the movie actually earned 38% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes during it’s screening at the Venice Film Festival last fall.

Despite the rumours that Travis Scott also has an upcoming album, he still made out time to give out the best that he got in this upcoming movie, it is going to venues across the United States from February 7