Tory Lanez Working Out Interscope Records Deal; Listen To W

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Tory Lanez Working Out Interscope Record Deal; Listen To W

Love it or loath Tory pokes no fun. Earlier this year, February he let it known to fan about movement he almost has walked out since last year. The Toronto rapper still believes the deal with Interscope Record nearly coming to an end but working things out for justice.

Meanwhile Lanez delivered new song called W which marks as first single featuring The New Toronto 3 project of course the last album with Inter. The album haven’t revealed any contributors or year though as bystanders, fans are waiting for the album to hit streaming same this month.

Another special about the song is that W song also welcomes new video which we have added to Amahiphop March videos. You can stream below else watch the video on Amahiphop 2020 March Hip-hop videos.

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