The Game Took Tasty Shot At $7.1 Million in Damages

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The Game Took Tasty Shot At $7.1 Million in Damages

The Game is currently not happy over Sexual charges inline with a woman whose name is Priscilla Rainey who also claimed ton of sexual abuse from the west coast legend.

Prior to report, The Game has been subjected to Priscilla Rainey payoff after loosing the case more than a couple. In damages, the West rapper has been slapped with $7.1 Million, just few weeks ago and after his inability to win case against his contestant.

Sure the rapper is obviously making this arrangement to settle this bugs eating his Born To Rap attention of course not Happy about the sexual side venture and he just addressed this issue for the first, trending shot at what folks said specially to Priscilla Rainey. “Everybody got something to say, this that. I don’t give a f*ck about none of that. I’ve been in the game my whole career, I ain’t deterred, I’m me!” he started his rant. “Today I read on the internet, n*gga they say I lost 7 million, sh*t! what I’mma do now, is Popeyes hiring?” he said during recent performance.

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